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A higher education degree has both personal and professional benefits. A person seeks a college education to improve overall life satisfaction and increase job opportunities. College education enables holders to access many job openings and choose the type that satisfies their professional desires.

why is it important to go to college essay

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A survey by the US Department of Education indicates that more than half of Americans (51%) see a college degree as necessary (Mountjoy and Hickman 29). The figures are from individuals who benefited directly from a college education or aspired to have similar benefits they see in others. The need to succeed in a competitive world compels individuals to seek a higher education degree to match or surpass the set threshold. Because of the increasing demand for excellence in personal and professional life, having a college education degree is important.

Benefits of a College Degree

A college education increases employment opportunities for the holders. Unlike in the past, the economic shifts in today’s world mean fewer employment opportunities than the population size. Also, increasing population means there is more competition for the available employment opportunities in various sectors. For instance, the U.S. has transformed from an industrial-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. The pathway to securing a successful career is by gaining a college degree that increases career opportunities in the market (Oreopoulos and Petronijevic 53). A holder has unlimited options to seek gainful employment in different sectors, unlike non-holders who may be confined to informal sector options. Individuals build knowledge based on their fields and think analytically, have complex ideas, are creative, and communicate ideas. This array of skills opens up more opportunities for graduates, not only within their field of specialization.

A holder of a college education degree is more competitive in the market. Finding a job opening in the current world is not a guarantee, even with having a college degree. People with higher education qualifications are more likely to gain meaningful employment opportunities than others. Despite the diminishing value of a college degree, the holders have a clear competitive advantage when seeking employment over other candidates. The holders have more job security because of their qualifications and have better contracts than those without formal training (Oreopoulos and Petronijevic 55). Companies that benefit from employees with multiple skills are likely to retain them even during economic downturns. In cases of downsizing, the first casualties are untrained employees whose roles are primarily casual or informal.

A college education improves general life satisfaction. Gaining a higher education degree signals the start of related life events that satisfy the holder through their lives. A college graduate is more likely to secure a well-paying and satisfying job than unqualified individuals. A 2015 survey by the Department of Education indicates that college graduates are likely to earn at least $1 million more than another set of employees (Horowitz 775). A well-paying job within the individual’s field of specialization improves their happiness and life goals. They can lead a healthier life because of the lifestyle they can afford and the medical covers provided by their employers. Generally, this improves their life satisfaction, and they are happier than their counterparts without a college education.


The attainment of a college degree is essential to improve both personal and professional life. Over the years, the benefits of having a college degree have revolved around securing a permanent and satisfying job. However, the current economic dynamics compel the graduates to be more creative, complex, and smart to maximize the diverse opportunities. Also, the increased competition in the labor market and the demand for a better life make the need for a college education a necessity in the current economic world.

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