Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing

Academic writing skills are essential for those who want to succeed in college. Every student has to write from five to ten assignments per semester. It is complicated to generate more new ideas on different subjects, especially for first-year students. Therefore not everyone has enough inspiration for academic works.

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How to Stick to ASA Paper Format

ASA format, which is considered the main citation method among scientists and scholars, is most often found in works written by those who study or work in the field of sociology. This format is intended for use by those who write manuscripts for publication in ASA journals. Like other citation styles, citation in ASA format varies depending on the source material.

ASA Paper Format

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The Best Writing Programs You Will Like

Students face a variety of tasks every day. They need to write unique texts without mistakes. Writing an essay with good English may be a difficult burden. Creative writing programs can help students to improve their writing skills, and different universities provide various writing programs. Let’s find out what they are.

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How to Write a Research Paper Conclusion

Most students, when starting to write a research paper, wonder how to write a conclusion for a research paper correctly. This question arises when the main work is done: the introduction to the research paper is polished, and its main part is succinctly written. It would seem that the only thing that remains is to write the conclusion correctly so the finished work can be submitted.

How to Write a Research Paper Conclusion

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How to Pass IELTS Writing Successfully

Are you planning to study in an English-speaking country, work in an international company, or emigrate to a better life? Perhaps you want to confirm your knowledge of English at the world level. For these purposes, one of the main international exams in English –the IELTS – is perfect. Many students want to know how to pass IELTS writing tests.

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70 Problem Solution Essay Topics to Fire Up Your Creative Juices

If you experience some difficulties with finding the most appropriate topic for your problem solution essay, you are in the right place! Here we share our insights on how to find the best-matching topic for your problem and solution essay and offer you a free list of problem solution topics to inspire you with great ideas for writing. But before we proceed to the list, let’s find out what a problem solution essay is.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

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How to Write an Analysis Essay: Become an Essay Guru

Analytical thinking is one of the greatest human abilities. We don’t just look at things and events, but try to understand their reasons, their significance, and their consequences. We look for connections everywhere and try to discover the true nature of objects. That is what we can call analysis.

How to Write an Analysis Essay

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How to Write a Hook to Grab Readers’ Attention Instantly

When you see a person for the first time, you decide whether you would like to talk to that person in a few seconds. When you bite a sandwich, you decide whether it’s tasty almost instantly. The same applies to a piece of writing when you start reading it: after two or three sentences, you already understand whether you are interested in reading further. This fact is important not only for readers, but also for writers. They have to impress their audience and grab attention as quickly as possible.

How to Write a Hook

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How to Write a Process Essay

We all know the importance of writing clear and well-structured essays. But it is nearly impossible to write a great essay for the first time without guidelines. If you have already written essays and stayed unsatisfied with the result – hold your head up! It’s never too late to level up your writing skills. We believe that with our series of step-by-step guides, essay writing will never be boring.

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500 Word Essay Guide You Need to Read Through

Many think that essay writing doesn’t require literary talent, but only mastery of writing technique. Almost any essay requires creativity from you. However, you are in luck if you need to write a 500 word essay, as there is a general approach to writing such essays. Continue reading “500 Word Essay Guide You Need to Read Through”