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Our academic service charges moderate prices for the writing services we provide. You can order any type of paper and get a custom sample of a different complexity level without paying too much for this kind of assistance. This way you will get an original well-written paper for a comparatively low sum of money.

Figure out the price of the order

Another advantage of our academic website is that you can easily find out how much you will have to pay for a paper. To do that, you just have to insert the details of your custom request in the calculator. After you select the type of paper, the number of pages, and the academic level in the chart, the price will appear on the screen automatically. Please note that the sum to pay may vary in case your deadline is tight and you need a sample to be completed quickly.


How can I pay less for an order?

If you want to get your sample paper at a cheaper price, it’s enough to place an order on our website well before the deadline. Thanks to this, our academic expert will have enough time to complete it, and you won’t have to pay a higher price for the urgency.

What payment systems can I use to pay for your service?

To provide money transfer security to our customers, we cooperate with reliable payment systems only, and never share your bank details with anyone.

Does your company provide full refunds?

As a reliable academic service, we can return your money back if for some reason the sample doesn’t meet your expectations, or you have decided you don’t need writing assistance any more. However, taking into account the details of your request, the sum of the refund may vary. Find out more information about our money-back policy.

Can you identify my personality via the transaction?

Since all customers use our service anonymously, we can’t find out who you are. We only receive the basic information about the transaction from your bank. See our FAQ page to find out more details regarding payments.

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