How to Write a Research Paper Conclusion

Most students, when starting to write a research paper, wonder how to write a conclusion for a research paper correctly. This question arises when the main work is done: the introduction to the research paper is polished, and its main part is succinctly written. It would seem that the only thing that remains is to write the conclusion correctly so the finished work can be submitted.

How to Write a Research Paper Conclusion

However, this stage of work on a research paper may take much longer than you thought. In the concise text of the conclusion, it is necessary to reflect the essence of the work by formulating a good summary and showing the significance of the research paper.

What Is a Research Paper Conclusion?

The conclusion is one of the key points of the research paper in the process of its creation. In this section, it is necessary to summarize the essence of research: to draw up the theoretical material on which the work is based, assess whether the goal has been achieved and whether the tasks have been completed, and concisely formulate summaries.

In the conclusion of a research paper, the student should describe the results of the actions taken in the final summary. When reviewing a research paper, many teachers pay attention to the conclusion, since it is a reflection of the student’s work. As such, this section of the paper is important.

How to Conclude a Research Paper

You can start the conclusion with phrases such as “to sum up” and “based on the research …” Next, you should present the tasks that were solved in the course of the work. It is also necessary to tell what was not possible to investigate, and disclose which problems arose and impeded the research process.

Having described the solutions, completed tasks, and goals achieved, it is necessary to switch attention to the results of the experimental work contained in the second chapter of the research paper. At the end of the conclusion, it is necessary to draw up plans for the future in studying the topic of the paper. You should also propose methods for modernization and improvement. You can also start the research paper conclusion with the relevance of the topic being studied, and then present the tasks solved in the process of writing the paper.

Here is a life hack for the student: in fact, the conclusion is a remodeled introduction of the research paper. Therefore, if there are no ideas on how to start writing a conclusion, you need to turn to the introduction.

There are generally accepted phrases in the scientific community that are used in the final sections of research papers. Using them in a research paper will give the paper a sense of professionalism:

  • summarizing the results obtained
  • based on the development of the topic
  • the results of the studies showed that…
  • I state the results of the research as…

How to End a Research Paper: Structure

In the conclusion, you will include the goals, analyzed tasks, and main results from the body of the paper. Despite the fact that you need to include a lot of information in the conclusion, you should not be too zealous: it should fit on 2-3 pages, and you should try to extract the most important information from the research paper and present it properly.

In order to know how to conclude a research paper with the correct structure, you can do the following:

  1. Open the introduction of the research paper and read the goals and objectives of the study. Think about and describe whether the tasks were completed and if the goal was achieved. Of course, everything must be described in the most favorable way that puts your work in the best light.
  2. Turn to the theoretical part of the study and draw up theses that reflect the essence of each chapter and sub-chapter.
  3. Carefully analyze the practical part of the research paper. Summing up, you can (as succinctly as possible) tell about how much has been done to achieve the goal, what studies and calculations have been carried out, and so on.

Here is another life hack: when describing the results of a research paper, you need to strive to show that the topic of the study is not indifferent to you – give vivid examples and talk about plans for further research. This will help to earn the loyalty of the teacher.

Examples of Research Paper Conclusions

If you want to know how to end a research paper, you can use the examples of conclusions proposed below.

An example conclusion of research paper No. 1

For example, the conclusion to a research paper on applied economics and the essence and sources of profit of the enterprise, its distribution, and use can be started as follows:

It is not a secret that the profit of the enterprise is considered the most important meaning of its creation and further existence. Therefore, there is an urgent need to study its sources, distribution, and use. In the course of my study, I examined the tasks associated with determining the nature of profit, its undoubted sources, as well as competent and systematic use.
In the process of studying the problems of work associated with increasing the profits of the enterprise, I propose methods that help not only to increase the financial income of the enterprise but also to transfer the organization to a new level of development.

Next, it is necessary to provide specific proposals and figures confirming the effectiveness of the innovations. This conclusion can be concluded with a proposal to introduce advanced methods for a qualitative increase in profits.

It is not difficult to notice that the tasks and problem can be taken from the introduction of the research paper. In the research paper conclusion, one can reflect the achieved goals identified at the start of the work, and the data is taken directly from its main part.

An example conclusion of research paper No. 2

The example is on the topic of tabular processors in solving professional problems.

The beginning of the conclusion:

In production, the opportunity to simplify the processing of certain data has recently been considered relevant. Tabular processors successfully cope with this difficult task, allowing for the reduction of certain calculations to a minimum, and also speeding up others. Therefore, the study of the professional functions of tabular processes is considered relevant and in demand.

The purpose of the study: to reveal professional tasks solved by tabular processors.

While writing the research paper, I examined in detail professional tasks that tabular processors successfully cope with. The most important of them include the creation of macros as a means of automation.

The objectives of the proposed research paper topic are:

  1. The study of specialized literature.
  2. A description of the main theoretical aspects of the research topic and the disclosure of key concepts.
  3. Consideration of the practical application of tabular processors.
  4. Providing assistance to an enterprise in need of automation of production using tabular processors.

In the research paper conclusion, it should be noted the solution to these problems are as follows:

When writing a research paper on the presented topic, I studied special literature, including scientific articles on information technology and computer science textbooks. I examined the practical use of tabular processors in production and provided assistance to an LLC, which needed automation of some functions related to data processing by tabular processors: creating a macro to simplify calculations significantly.

In the conclusion of the research paper, the pros and cons of the work related to the improvement of a particular process are prescribed, goals are set for the future, and recommendations are made. An example related to this topic:

As a result of the research paper created to improve the processing of numerical indicators in an LLC, I found that the data processing speed doubled, which significantly saves time, accelerates the workflow, and reduces production stagnation associated with a large number of accumulated and unprocessed data. I see a further prospect of using the product developed at the enterprise and introducing it into the production process of other organizations involved in this kind of entrepreneurial activity.

To Sum Up

Writing a conclusion is not difficult, especially if the first parts of the research paper are ready and you have read this guide on how to write a conclusion for a research paper. However, it is not worth underestimating the importance of this section – in some cases, it can help earn an extra score, or it may lower the grade. If you are not sure that you can independently draw up a correctly structured conclusion which will reflect all the points of the research paper, it is better to turn to professionals who have extensive experience in writing works in various disciplines. You can find such specialists on Place an order right now and receive a well-written research paper easily!

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