Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Mostly students want to reveal unique subjects in their academic works. In any case, it is hard to be original when the topic of your essay concerns conservative science, such as medicine.

essay topics for a medical student

Anyway, there is nothing impossible for Anonymous-Essay! We came up with profitable solutions and 50 ideas of essay topics for a medical student. We hope they are helpful for your college success. Let’s unleash academic creativity together!

Medical Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

  1. Impact of environmental factors on health.
  2. Mental disorders and their influence on the quality of life.
  3. Drug misuse and mental disorders.
  4. Economic burden as one of the causes of depression.
  5. Social effects of mental disorders.
  6. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders.
  7. Alcohol addiction and health disorders.
  8. Depression and anxiety disorders among adults.
  9. Causes, symptoms, and treatment of teen depression.
  10. Disposition to violence on mental disorders.
  11. Common diseases in the US.
  12. Stress as a risk factor for serious illnesses (cancer, mental disorders, or other examples).
  13. How to protect your health from outside dangers.
  14. Health problems of homeless people.
  15. Effects of social isolation on severe mental disorders. Methods to struggle with loneliness.
  16. Association between exercise and a healthy body.
  17. Health benefits associated with sports activities.
  18. Adverse effects of fast foods on the gastrointestinal tract.

Medical Related Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Ways to help children maintain healthy body weight?
  2. Possibilities to cure diabetes in the future.
  3. Legal and ethical issues of surrogate pregnancy and surrogate motherhood.
  4. Women’s symptoms of heart attacks.
  5. Human experimentation and ethics.
  6. Level of risk to the consequences of long-term anorexia.
  7. Cloning in the perspective of saving lives.
  8. Principles of preventing medical errors in hospitals.
  9. The ways doctors may promote a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Importance of organ donation after death.
  11. Is homeopathy a helpful treatment? Pros and cons.
  12. Psychological issues of breast cancer.
  13. The best strategies to sustain a healthy body weight among adults.
  14. What are the side effects of blood transfusion?
  15. Is a vegan diet healthy?

More Interesting Essay Topics for Medical Student

  1. Types of eating disorders.
  2. The difference between traditional and western medicine.
  3. Are AIDS or HIV curable?
  4. Eating disorders and effects on health.
  5. Depression treatment with alternative methods.
  6. The future of organ transplants. Bioprinting.
  7. Ethics and clinical trials.
  8. Effectiveness of stem cell technologies for cancer treatment.
  9. Cosmetic surgery: social and ethical issues.
  10. The real length of life of a human.
  11. How does advertising impact food choices? Is it healthy or not?
  12. Nutrition education and its role in promoting healthy diets.
  13. Tactics to prevent heart diseases.
  14. Fast food consumption causes obesity.
  15. Obesity as a social and medical problem.
  16. How can daily exercises help older adults improve the balance and strength of the body?
  17. Pros and cons of weight loss surgery.
  18. Strategies to stay a healthy person.

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