Narrow Expository Essay Topics to Help You With Writing

The goal of the expository essay is the explanation of the topic in a clear and concise manner. This type of essay presents a solid analysis based on facts without including emotions of the writer. Take into account that usually students get prompts that tell them to explain or define something. An interesting fact is that expository essay writing is a daily requirement for most careers.

Expository Essay Topics

Understanding how to write an expository essay will help you to write it at a high level. Usually, this type of essay consists of five paragraphs. The first paragraph includes a thesis statement and description of the main idea. The body paragraphs include details, facts, and data to support the thesis statement. The conclusion restates what has been said in the body paragraphs without including new information.

How to Choose the Right Topic

Selecting the right topic is important for writing an expository essay, because it can influence your writing. Keep in mind that your topic should be narrow and specific, as you aren’t writing a lengthy dissertation, but a short essay. If you already have a topic, but it is not included in the topic list, ask your teacher whether you can use your own topic. Keep in mind that teachers know better what topic you should write an essay on. You should follow their instructions. They have adequate reasons to offer exactly these topics to students. If you don’t allow yourself to use your own topic, select it from the list.

You have to be interested in the topic to present it in the best possible way. Always select a topic that suits your interest level. In this way, you will write a better essay. Also, you should choose a topic which you will find plenty of material to write about. You should be sure that sources that you use are reliable.

It is quite normal if you select a topic and at first glance it seems vague. You should work on it so it reflects specific subjects rather than touching a vast subject area. A wise decision is to make a separate title for your essay apart from the topic. Write a title that fully reflects the goal of your writing.

After you decide what topic to write about, you can determine the length of the content. The content depends only on the nature of the topic. We offer you a chance to check out our expository essay topics for high school, college, and university. After reading them through, you can brainstorm and come up with a good idea for your own writing. We have divided topics according to the subjects, so you can find the required list much faster.

Expository Essay Topics in Psychology

  1. Explain what someone should do if he/she finds out an unexpected truth.
  2. Show your understanding of the different ways in which people display heroism and courage.
  3. Think of two qualities or characteristics that you value in a friend. Write an expository essay explaining why you chose the two qualities/characteristics of a friend and why they are the most important to you.
  4. How does one cultivate and till oneself to become an individual?
  5. The effects of specials needs children on a family.
  6. The instances in life when the comedy stops and reality sets in.
  7. What gives life meaning and purpose?
  8. In the world of psychology, there is a behavioral argument around nature vs. nurture. This discussion covers ideas such as that all children are naturally good, or that they are born with a blank slate, and they need mothering in order to become “human.” Explain how this discussion relates to the tragedy of Frankenstein’s “monster.”
  9. A contemporary issue or problem.
  10. How to achieve confidence.

Topics for Expository Essay in Sociology

  1. Address how a selected film reflects culture or subculture. For example, “Boyz n the Hood” and “Menace II Society.”
  2. What image does a Stay-at-home dad with a working spouse have in American society today? Is he considered “manly”?
  3. Explain how to be a happy camper.
  4. Why do some teens join gangs?
  5. A current, everyday object that might help people in the future learn about and understand how we live today.
  6. Explain the qualities or characteristics of someone extraordinary.
  7. What is the fate of juveniles who break the law?
  8. What are the causes of homelessness?
  9. How does Salvation Army help the needy?
  10. What challenges does a family meet when a parent becomes a meth addict?

Good Expository Essay Topics in Literature

  1. Is Orwell’s vision far fetched, or could a society/government ever turn into what he predicted in “1984”? Discuss similarities between Orwell’s “1984” society and our own (texting, social media, surveillance cameras, government, etc.). What kind of things have come true? What kind of things are exaggerated and would probably not come true?
  2. Both “Mask of the Red Death” and “Annabelle Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe use figurative language, symbolism, and imagery to develop the plot, elements of characterization, and theme. Develop an expository essay that analyzes and synthesizes information in a manner that makes a connection between figurative language and the thematics of the chosen texts.
  3. What makes Satan an antihero in Milton’s “Paradise Lost”?
  4. Explain the American Dream based on pieces of literature and outside sources.
  5. Discuss what “Beowulf” reveals about Anglo-Saxon attitudes toward courage, fate, the span of life, and the deceased.
  6. Analyze the events in the novel “Lord of the Flies” and how they reflect aspects of high school experience or society.
  7. Is the novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” a story of courage and hope?
  8. What are your favorite author’s writing style features?
  9. Choose a novel and compare the motives of the protagonist and antagonist.
  10. Choose a novel and define the historical background of it.

College Expository Essay Topics About Sports

  1. Compare or contrast two professional athletes.
  2. What are reasons of playing football?
  3. Why do you like indoor games?
  4. Is a sport really important in a person’s private life?
  5. What are benefits of playing outdoor games?
  6. What are effects of online games?
  7. Why are teenagers advised to play games?
  8. Why are people advised to play volleyball?
  9. What are reasons to wear a sport uniform?
  10. Why do children like sports?

Sample Expository Essay Topics in Health Care

  1. How can a college student eat healthy while living on a tight budget?
  2. Write about the locavore diet.
  3. Is health care considered a right according to the American political system?
  4.  What can the average person do about the high cost of health care in America?
  5. Is the hybrid health care system of America sustainable?
  6. Should cosmetic surgery be covered by insurance?
  7. Should alternate medicine be used in the health care system?
  8. Should mental health clinics be attached to high schools of America?
  9. Why is the cost of medicine so high?
  10. Why do some people go to other countries for health care?

We hope that you have found an effective idea from our lists of topics for an expository essay. You can find help with expository essay writing if you check out our guides and samples. But the most effective way to get your essay done is to place an order on our site. With our writing help, you will move forward in your studies.

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