Exclusive Consumerism Essay Topics

Since the dawn of capitalism, when the phenomenon of consumerism started its expansion, it has dramatically reshaped the value model of most people. And, as an extremely controversial and sophisticated culture, it began enticing myriads of scholars eager to explore this social order through their academic works. In this regard, we decided to follow this long-lasting trend and give you some killer consumerism essay topics to develop you paper on!

consumerism essay topics

Consumerism Essay Topics

  1. The impact of advertising on kids.
  2. Consumerism today.
  3. Consumerism among the young.
  4. How harmful is consumerism to today’s generation?
  5. Consumerism in mass media.
  6. The culture of consumerism in films.
  7. The criticism of consumerism in “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk.
  8. The tragedy of consumerism.
  9. Consumerism online.
  10. Consumerism and the American Dream.
  11. “99 Francs”: a satire on advertising.
  12. The anti-consumerism in “Generation P” by Victor Pelevin.
  13. The narrator in “Fight Club” as a living embodiment of consumerist culture.
  14. The evolution of consumerism in the 20th century.
  15. The shift in human values caused by consumerism.

Consumerism Debate Topics

  1. The social factors that have contributed to consumerism.
  2. Does consumerism have any pros?
  3. Can the impact of consumerism culture be reduced?
  4. Women are more exposed to the culture of consumerism than men: truth or myth?
  5. The problem of consumerism among US teenagers.
  6. The phenomenon of ethical consumerism.
  7. Can consumerism be considered an illness?
  8. Is the problem of consumerism exaggerated?
  9. What prompted the rise of consumerism?
  10. The role of top clothing and food brands in the expansion of consumerism.
  11. The advancement of digital marketing as a force boosting consumerism.
  12. The unique contribution of the IKEA brand in the proliferation of consumerism.
  13. The beneficial role of US legislation in the promotion of consumerism.
  14. How can the errors of consumerism be confronted today?
  15. Is the consumer behavior that adults display formed in their childhood?

Informative Essay Topics on Consumerism

  1. The great role of social media in the promotion of consumerism.
  2. The state of the consumerist culture in Third World countries.
  3. How parents “nurture” consumer behavior in their kids.
  4. The renowned luxury consumption in Tallinn.
  5. How consumerism is approached by the “gods” of Hollywood.
  6. The rise of consumerism in Post-Soviet countries.
  7. The anti-consumerist movement in Europe today.
  8. Consumerism as one of the major triggers of the plastic problem.
  9. How the consumerist culture affects the intelligence of its “slaves.”
  10. The outlook for consumerism in the 2020s.
  11. The higher risk of developing a mental illness in the followers of consumerism.
  12. Is social media addiction a special form of online consumerism?
  13. The rise of consumerism in the background of the pollution problem.
  14. The impact of celebrities on consumer behavior.
  15. How mass media raises awareness of the problem of consumerism.

The Bottom Line

The challenging problem of consumerism concerns today’s society and makes a good number of its members question their deep-rooted habits and views. With the help of the compelling consumerism essay topics we provided in our article, you can make your own contribution to the understanding of this global phenomenon. Make sure to use the one you liked the most, then!

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