Essay on Violence in Society

There have been assessments to gain an understanding of how violence impacts people, especially the younger generations. Media violence is portrayed in today’s society with accurate detail, often occurring in various media forms, desensitizing many people to occasions of violence as if it should be interpreted as normal. Typical depictions of media violence that affect society often appear in music, video games, television shows, films, social media, and other forms of entertainment.

Essay on Violence in Society

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Subsequently, teenagers watching violent movies with savage and direct portrayals of hatred can inspire violence in people numb to understanding the severity of these actions. Their adolescent minds are not yet fully developed to interpret and understand fictitious depictions correctly.

It is acknowledged that the harsh media depictions of violence can induce thoughts on receiving advantages from violent actions. In addition, media violence can demolish moral development and adjust an adolescent’s frontal cortex by desensitization (Feldman, 2010). Unfortunately, cases do exist where people become violent and find inspiration through media; for instance, the Columbine shooting and the focus on Marilyn Manson’s music. Comprehending how violence in the media impacts society relates to the underdeveloped capabilities of the teenage brain, creating an avenue for desensitization and inspiration if one perceives advantages from conducting violent acts like those portrayed in the media.

The media portrays violence in current society as particularly enticing to youths, especially to teenagers. Since many adults mistake their adolescent children for having developed enough intelligence to comprehend violent acts, not all parents adequately comprehend to monitor teenagers’ exposure to violence. Youths viably learn violent practices, and they become ruthless and powerful since they are introduced to violent content at an early age (Anderson & Bushman, 2002). Parents do not think about what their children are watching, and all of a sudden, they end up being taught by the media they consume. Some studies show that teenagers exposed to large amounts of cruelty and violence in the media tend to recreate those ideas in school, which does not bode well for society. For instance, children fighting one another, young people hollering and shouting at other races, and children torturing and bullying one another (Anderson & Bushman, 2002). Unfortunately, at an incredibly youthful age, these adolescents are sorting out a way to be violent since they contribute most of their energy to watching violent media portrayals.

Today, many adolescents torture and bully each other face to face and through social media since they acknowledge that it is one strategy for guarding themselves, being valued, and gaining respect from peers. Unfortunately, these young people don’t have to respect other people, and if they cannot be controlled at that age, they will grow and become perilous for the overall population. Likewise, the violence presented on television shows and video games exposes children to viciousness in various conditions. The most vital aspect learned from violent video games is that violence is the correct technique to settle one’s differences in society and it provides the bully with a rush of intense power. In any case, video games’ teachings are inverse and not commendable inside society’s real conditions and moral expectations. However, teenagers lack the prefrontal development to comprehend this fully (Anderson & Bushman, 2002). Likewise, the use of violence and exposure to elevated emotions for teenagers playing violent video games may change their moral conduct into an endorsement for doing similar violent acts against others. That is not to say that some teenagers do not try to use appropriate moral conduct and societal methods to settle disputes. The problem is that most adolescents have learned that violence and fighting are appropriate when resolving problems, so that appears to be the solitary course of action, especially when impressing one’s peers is vital (Anderson & Bushman, 2002).

There is an association between media violence and societal violence in the overall population that is prevalent among teenagers and often starts with them being exposed to violence early on in their lives. Violence is often seen by children who develop ruthless practices as fundamental to their existence and stature. The investigation has shown that most children in the overall population are raised by media, exposed to violence, and left to watch television for hours without parental guidance or explanation. Parents must comprehend how this exposure to violence impacts their children. Suppose they allow their children to watch violent programs. In that case, they must at least explain the moral implications of these actions and help their children comprehend that violence is not the answer to every problem, even though the media depicts it this way.


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How to Structure an Essay on Violence in Society

There is a stable tradition of forming the structure of the essay, the main elements of which are as follows:

  1. Violence essay introduction. It explains the relevance of the violence topic and why it attracted attention.
  2. Main body. The content of the paragraphs of the main part of the essay should exactly correspond to the violence topic and fully disclose it. Here, you need to present your arguments and evidence.
  3. Conclusion. It usually implies a generalized final thought on the violence topic.

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