How to Solve World Hunger Essay

According to a report from the United Nations food agencies, around 690 million people regularly go to bed early. Hunger is an offshoot of another global problem: poverty. People go to bed hungry because they, or their family and state, could not afford any food for them. The problem persists at the individual, societal, and international levels. The reasons for the persistence of this problem also exist at all of these levels. Countering the problem of world hunger requires first acquiring a deep understanding of all of its underlying causes: lack of access to markets and credit, lack of education and skills, and a disadvantaged location in society, both social and physical, and then finding ways to tackle each of them at all levels.

essay on world hunger

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Extensive research has probed into the causes and prevalence of poverty and hunger in different regions of the world. According to a 2005 study, the major causes for the persistence of hunger and poverty are the lack of education and skilled labor among the poor, the lack of access to credit, markets, and facilities, and the disadvantaged position in society that keeps them in a cycle of hunger and poverty (Ahmed et al.). These problems are, in turn, offshoots of various social and economic problems within the regions in which they exist, so the solution of the problem of world hunger will require a deep understanding and viable solutions to all of these conditions and problems.

The first step in this would be improving the access of the poorest living among the remotest rural areas of these countries to markets, credit, and other health and social facilities. For example, landowners in South Asia are usually safe from extreme poverty and hunger, but small landowners in Sub-Saharan Africa have no such luck (ibid). This is because these African farmers have no access to financial credit or a sustainable market for their land products. National and international efforts to provide these people with the requisite access to markets and credit and the provision of social facilities such as health care and insurance can go a long way in reducing hunger and poverty from such regions.

The problem of a lack of education and skilled labor can only be solved by improving existing and constructing new educational training facilities in the most affected regions. Access to basic education and the skills required to operate in the modern industry can improve incomes and lifestyles and prove to be a crucial step in the eradication of world hunger.

Women and ethnic minorities carry a disproportionate burden of poverty and hunger in almost every part of the world (ibid). This is partly due to them already being stuck in a cycle of poverty and partly due to the social conditions that perpetuate this problem for them. These conditions need to be addressed both at social and governmental levels through reforms in law (against discrimination) and attitudes so no group remains permanently disadvantaged.

In a nutshell, the problem of world hunger can only be tackled by identifying its root causes and taking measures to eradicate the problem at its origin instead of taking surface-level steps only. This would require improving access to markets, credit, education and skills, and health facilities for the poorest in society. Society would also need to end its discriminatory treatments with disadvantaged groups. New, more ambitious goals need to be set both at the national and international levels, looking at all of these indicators so that at least the basic human right to food and health can be ensured.

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World Hunger Essay Outline

Here is an essay outline suggestion for your essay on the same topic.

  • The problem of world hunger and its relevance. Make a short description of the period you are considering, highlighting the key points.
  • Your own point of view.
  • Examples from history and literature, which confirm the correctness of your statements.
  • Conclusion, which restates the introduction.

What Essays on Hunger Consist Of

  • The role of historical facts. Be careful because they can be historical and scientific-historical. The difference is that the former ones are objective, fixed in time and space. The second ones are the opinions of scientists on world hunger, conclusions based on a real source.
  • Evaluation of world hunger. Correct essays about world hunger are essays with an objective and detailed assessment of the material.
  • The role of causes and effects. It is important to be able to see at what moment world hunger happens, for what reason, and to convey this to others in an understandable way.

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