Why College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

It is still surprising that student-athletes are not compensated for their contribution on the field despite college sports bringing a lot of money to school administrations and advertisers. The debate over paying college athletes has been heating up across the United States due to the revenue the industry generates (Sow 7). Participating in college athletics can be equated to a full-time job. The students risk injury and miss out on time they would have used to study or make money for some of their school expenses (Drozdowski). College athletes should be compensated because college sports is a highly profitable industry that can help them get money to invest and meet daily expenses as they risk injury.

paying college athletes essay

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Student-athletes deserve pay because the college athletics industry generates astonishing revenue across all sports. In 2019, college athletic programs generated approximately $14 billion in revenue, excluding corporate sponsorships and broadcasting rights (Drozdowski). The coaches and other support staff receive salaries for their contribution. For instance, the wages for the coaches ranged from about $293,000 to $7.2 million from 2007 to 2015 (Leeds et al. 9). Shockingly, everyone involved in the sport receives compensation except for the students. The students deserve a share of the revenues generated because they help create income for their schools and the sporting leagues. The failure to compensate students while paying other stakeholders involved in college athletics creates the perception that the athletes’ services are provided for free regardless of the income they help their schools to generate.

Student-athletes should be paid because they risk injury and put their bodies on the line to entertain people. Athletes are constantly risking injury when they step on a court or field to represent their schools. College games are usually competitive because the students play with heart and passion, as they are young and full of enthusiasm (Piccioto). Regardless of their dedication, student-athletes can suffer serious injuries that can be career-ending (Zema 207). Athletes who are seriously injured also risk losing their scholarship since it is guaranteed annually. The athletes also jeopardize the opportunity for a professional sports career if they were to get hurt (Piccioto). Athletes deserve compensation for the health risks they take.

Student-athletes should be paid for their daily expenses and to make investments. A majority of these athletes have a full scholarship covering their college fees, accommodation, and tuition (Zema 204). However, they still require pocket money for necessary expenses such as food, clothes, and entertainment. It would be to get some compensation for their efforts in the field. Student-athletes spend time away from the classroom or study to play sports. Therefore, they face difficulties in earning good grades and positioning themselves for the job market. Financial compensation would help students plan for their future (Drozdowski). Only a tiny fraction of college athletes end up making a professional career in the sport they play while in school. If they receive a salary, they will leave school with savings and a degree, guaranteeing a financially secure adult life.

It is time that colleges pay athletes because they help their schools earn additional income, yet they have expenses to pay and also put their body on the line while trying to win for their school. Many students do not get a chance to play in professional sports, despite dedicating a significant part of their life to sports. This effort is usually unrewarded because college sports have not begun to compensate students. The students have to pay for their day-to-day expenses and still risk getting injured while playing college sports for no compensation. It is time for college athletics to pay players for their sacrifice and efforts.

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Should Student Athletes Be Paid Essay Structure

As you can see in the presented “Should college athletes be paid?” essay example, your papers should consist of three main parts:

  • Introduction. The beginning of the essay describes what will be discussed in the paper, as well as why this topic was chosen.
  • Main body. You need to present your arguments for or against the statement that student-athletes should be paid.
  • Conclusion. This includes the author’s conclusions about the topic.

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