Recycling Persuasive Speech Example for Students

It is essential for students to prepare more recycling persuasive speeches to alert people about the environmental crisis because the problem of ecological conditions on the Earth today has become more and more discussed not only among scholars but also among different communities as well. One of the greatest challenges for our planet is the amount of trash people and industries produce daily. Some people think carefully about buying unnecessary products, while others pretend they don’t know about conscious consumption.

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Recycling Speech


Our world is going through a serious crisis that we are not even aware of. It is a slow degradation process that began a long time ago, and we are still pretending like it never started. Maybe that is because a part of us is responsible for igniting this degradation of the environment.

The advancement of technology seems to be ruling our minds so much that we tend to have forgotten our grounds of existence. Our environment keeps calling for help but we numb those screams by piling more and more trash.

Ever wondered what would happen to our planet if we used up all our resources and all we are left with is heaps of trash? What would we eat? How would we function? Do we not know that trashing the environment is trashing our own existence?

Unfortunately, we tend to know everything but we fail to put it into practice. This major degradation of the environment can be stopped by just following a basic step: recycling. It seems normal but it can heal our damaged earth in the most miraculous way possible.

Now, we should not pretend that we have not heard of the term. Of course, we have heard it since our youngest years. But what we failed to do is put it into practice, which has brought our earth to such a global crisis. Practicing more recycling is how we can really save this world from degrading. How? You will soon find out yourself.

What is recycling?

If we stop pretending, then trust me, everyone out there at some point has heard this term and has brutally avoided it. And today we are suffering, our environment is suffering just because of that avoidance.

Recycling is a small act of protecting your environment by following simple basic steps that continue to help the earth to a greater extent. Recycling involves breaking down used materials in order to reuse them with certain modifications. Following this process religiously, we will be able to eradicate a lot of trash that is produced every year.

The amount of trash produced globally is going to shock you. A leading website states that:

The world generates at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid wastes a day, 10 times the amount a century ago, according to World Bank researchers. The U.S. is the king of trash, producing a world-leading 250 million tons a year—roughly 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day.

This is how we are contributing to the degradation of the environment. We are lost so much in technology that we rarely pay attention to these hazardous issues that are soon going to harm us.
But this can be resolved if an effective step of togetherness and responsibility is taken today. All we need to do is minimize the total trash produced. Wondering how? By following a simple process of reusing materials, often referred to as recycling.

There are so many people individually contributing to the process. Several organizations come ahead and extend a helping hand by educating people on the difference between recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste. Technology has also extended its hand towards helping us by creating machines that allow us to create better recyclable materials. Everything is already there, so we need to start acting before it is too late.

Why is recycling important?

The changes in nature that we have observed for ages are enough proof that our environment is degrading almost everyday. And that is due to the trash we generate. Not only do we generate trash but also avoid making up for the trash generated. Recycling helps you bridge this gap and gives the hope of having a sustainable environment.

Recycling strictly follows the concept of reusing materials. This practice decreases the amount of trash given out in the environment, which results in a healthy and happy environment. Here are a few benefits of recycling:

Protects the environment.
Reduces pollution.
Helps in minimizing global warming.
Reduces the size of landfills.
Conserves natural resources.
Provides employment.

Recycling allows us to heal the environment by taking a few basic steps. All we need is continuous dedication to it.


Putting recycling into practice is the need of the hour. This is the only effective and reliable practice that can help us create a sustainable environment together. Recycling does not demand complex practices; it simply urges every individual to cut down on the trash created and to reuse the trash if possible. These simple steps are the most effective ones that are going to mark an impact in the long run of creating a healthy environment.

So join in the drive and take a responsible step towards recycling in order to create a safe and sustainable environment.

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